I love Starbucks, this is my comfort drink 🙂 My personal favorite is Mocha frap and White Chocolate for hot. 
My Little Kulit loves Starbucks also, imagine at 1.8 years old he loves to stay here, before pa niya nakilala ang Timezone and Tom’s world.
Everyone know the Starbucks card na right, a card that you can earn points in every purchase. Before I can purchase my own card, I received an email that I was chosen to receive a complimentary Starbucks Card gift pack, gift pack includes P500 starbucks card, limited edition leather card carrier and two P300 card that I can share with anyone.
Here is my gift pack

 First step is to register my card here 
 Second step I got my free coffee 🙂 

Third Step: I’m earning points already
Fourth: My birthday is coming na, I can’t wait for my slice of cake
                                             Get your very own Starbucks Card Now

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