When I was a kid, together with my brother, sister and cousins we used to attend Sunday School in our church, para our parents can concentrate sa mass.

Sunday School teach kids about the word of God and how to read the bible, story telling and good manners. Every end of the month the kids will have a program either they sing, dance or to have a play. 

Last Sunday, instead we stayed at toddlers area dinala ko si Little Kulit sa Sunday school.

First we need to register, we are given a stub once na susunduin na namin siya uli .

They have separate room for girls and boys 

 The classroom is safe for the kids 🙂

 Little kulit enjoyed his first Sunday School, ayun panay sabi sa akin after ng seat work “I want to play”. Ang ending kulitan sa room.

 I hope that he will enjoy his Sunday School. Big boy na talaga si Little Kulit ko.

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