Hi Lovely Mommies, how did you spend your weekend. It’s already December and 23  days to go it’s Christmas day. During my single days, I used to join bazaars and I would say lumalabas talaga pera ng mga tao if December na and everyone is so generous bihira lang ang tumatawad. But when I gave birth I don’t have time and I focus on on line selling, but now a days as in hindi me lucky sa online 🙁 as in this year is not good for me, dibale next year I’m sure everything will be back in normal.

Last Saturday, we joined trunk sale near in our house we don’t have capital, space is free also I just sell my old clothes some brand new pa. Prices are from 50.00 to 100.00 only. I was not able to take pic the two balikbayan boxes of old clothes dahil binababa pa lang things namin ayun nagkagulo na mga tao. Take note wala pa yan nakalagay how much ha. As in wala pa 20 minutes I earned Php 600.00 na. 

My space, walang ka effort effort yan, naubos kasi agad

 Shirts and blouses sold from Php 50.00 to 80.00 dresses from Php 100.00 to php 150.00, Little Kulit stuff from Php 50-100.00.

When I saw my old clothes, natatawa ako imagine ganun lang ako kalaki dati 🙂

From 4 pm to 630 pm our total sales is Php 2100 without any capital, most of the clothes super nasuot ko na. 7pm we call quits na hungry na si Little Kulit

Because he is hungry, he finished two piece chicken, half rice, half mashed potato and one sundae. Ikaw ba naman tumulong sa mommy niya na pasaway 

Oh diba without so much effort I have extra income. 

Will be back next week, naingit asawa ko magbebenta din daw siya ng things niya. Together with my sister na mahilig mag shopping, mga 3 bag lang naman ang ibebenta niya.

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