I’m so lucky to have Sherwin in my life, super kind and masunirin na hubby, nothing to ask for. He is also a hands on dad, during his paternity leave when I gave birth, donyang donya lang ang peg ko, he does everything from putting Sam to sleep, changing diapers, timpla his milk, bathe him as in siya lahat, pag breast feed lang ako. So after his 7 days leave it’s back to the reality na, I have to do it na.

If weekends or no work, he is in charge with our Little Kulit as in siya lahat, sundin lahat ng gusto ng anak niya. Most of the time here is the daily routine when he is at home;

He will wake up with a good morning kiss and Little Kulit dialogue is “Daddy change diaper”

1 hour of Kulitan, walking around the street, playing basketball

20 minutes of breakfast

30 minutes taking a bath

30 minutes lunch
lucky pag naka pag nap siya, 1-3 hours sleep
when he wake up play again, merienda time or we go to mall or anywhere
if we are in the mall, 1-2 hours at time zone, 30-45 minutes snacks, 1-2 hour walking around, shopping etc
dinner time
drink vitamins, tooth brush time, washing time
dress up pajama
Cham Cham time hangang sa magsawa si Little Kulit 
Oh diba whole day pagoda time with his son, but he will always said as long happy anak niya walang pagod pagod. Enough na ang  sweet smile, hugs and kisses from his son and the magic word “I love you daddy”.
See the bonding moments of father and son 🙂

 Little Kulit’s first hair cut and bukol

Swimming partner,

Coffee buddy, arcade budy, kulitan moments

When Little Kulit starting to walk

His first horse back riding

Little Kulit and Daddy meets Santa

Daddy please continue to love our Little Kulit and for being a BEST DAD. 

Mwah I Love you both 

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