Every December is the busiest time of my life, maliban preparing for Holiday season it’s also my birth month. That is why I choose  September as my wedding month and I wish na ang birthday baby ko will not fall on December.

Today, I celebrate another year mas happy me now a days since I have Little Kulit to celebrate with me. Since everyone is super pagod last weekend we are not able to wait till 12am para ma salubong birthday. 

I woke up 6am with super sakit ulo and a wonderful bag 

Before going to the office I deserve a birthday breakfast 🙂

Overwhelmed with birthday greetings, after 2 years ngayon lang me hindi nag birthday leave. It means that I have to treat my friends we just had simple lunch at dahil sa gutom na sila wala kaming picture.

Thank you Lord for my birthday blessings 

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