It’s been a stressful and busy week for me, I just had a break during my birthday, as in yun lang. What keep me busy, I have been preparing these give aways for our clients. Well mga 1k plus lang naman sila 🙂 so good luck to me. 

I need to re charge, dahil wala malapit na starbucks here sa office, stick to our Nescafe vendo, yesterday I had three cups of cafe latte, yung isa morning ko pa naimum.

 I have so many pending post since last week, hope that next will be smooth na, how I wish this weekend full na our schedule till Wednesday and Friday is our Christmas Party. Good Luck uli sa akin.
Gotta go, need to pack more and I have to buy dinner pa.
That’s my life for a week 🙁 

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