We had dinner at Kuse in Festival Mall it’s a Filipino restaurant, our first choice was Las Paellas but there are lot of customers, hungry na si Little Kulit 🙂
We ordered Lechon Baka, Crispy Pata, Pansit Lucban, Kare Kare Tagalog and Sisig

The sisig is super anghang, the best pa din Gerry’s Grill sisig for me, the lechon baka is super bigat sa tiyan it taste good sweet ang sauce. Prices are affordable serving goods 3-5 persons. My Little ulit loves the lechon baka so much.
My family celebrated with me 🙂

I have a free ice cream cake, which my Little Kulit enjoyed so much 

After our dinner, we went to Starbucks to claim my free cake courtesy of my Starbucks card 

When we got home, I have another cake from my mommy

Siguro naman next year, all my birthday wish will come true, 2 candle na na blow ko :-). 

My Little Kulit super enjoy sa cakes, blow lang ng blow. 

My precious gifts, my two boys 

 I really had a great day, thanks to all who greet me love you all

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