Like what I said, super busy us that’s why many pending post and things to do, until now my Christmas list is still not done as in wala pa sa half. I supposed to go to Festival last night to do some shopping, but I ended up goin home imagine naman 20 minutes waiting sa tollgate and 30 minutes looking for a parking, as in walang parking. I asked my good friend to buy a gift for my monita na lang.

Well, well that is life super duper busy talaga mga tao pag December. 

Last December 6, I was invited to the opening ceremony of Baby Expo, will tell you more on my next post. The expo is a great success you can find really good things in a reasonable price, I was able to buy discounted prices with freebies pa in Nivea and Johnson and Johnson, great clothes at St. Patricks, and the best thing is I discover new diaper for my Little Kulit will tell you more soon. To give you some teaser here are my loots from baby expo.

 And then, nasa SMX na me, I also passed by at Toy Kingdom sale, here are my loots 

The next day, we joined the trunk sale again together with my sister

Little Kulit busy playing with his bubbles, while we are assisting some customers, in fairness he helped us ha, he will shout “bili bili”

 He loves Christmas Tree also

Sunday we went to divisoria, I was not able to shop dahil kasama ko si Little Kulit, after 4 hours at divi we went to SMX to shop again. 

My weekend is so tiring but happy as long I am with my family. 

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