I was invited to attend the opening of Baby expo last December 6,2013. The Baby expo is a “Welcoming Life, Love and Care”, is the country’s biggest family expo dedicated to nurture family development and child care with over 200 participating brands.
The traffic is so heavy from Sucat to SMX, it took me 1.5 hours to reach SMX for a normal route 20 minutes will do, I thought I am already late since the call time is 930am. Upon registration the receptionist gave me a press kit and media ID card.

Expo held at Hall 1 & 2 of SMX

The ceremony starts at 1030am hosted by Jc Cuadrado 

CEO and VIP Guests

What to find in the EXPO?

You will find good deals here not just for an expectant mom but also to a mom with toddler like me.

If you are an expecting baby soon, you can enroll here price is a little pricey but it’s really worth it they also giving discounts and freebies during the event.

If you are looking for a carrier, high chair etc, great deals await here 

If you are Nivea user great deals await for you, automatic 10% discount and freebies

I avail powder, body wash and lotion I just pay Php 400.00 and I got all there freebies

My next stop was Little Lamb,how I wish that Little Kulit is with me so that he can experience a massage. They also offer a 50% off voucher. You can also check there product line, I avail the insect repellant which is a bag tag also.

Across the booth is the St Patricks booth which is also in a super duper discount. I bought two pairs for my inaanak.

My next purchase is the Johnson and Johnson booth which I regular use for my Little Kulit since he was born. 

They also have an actual demo how to take good care of your baby

I bought one body wash and a bar soap, guess what I got for free a shampoo and two bottles of cologne.
My last purchase and new discovery is the Sensi diaper, I will highly recommend this brand it is super affordable and super okay gamitin.I will do a separate post regarding this diaper.

You can also find Cetaphil, Sansflu, Smarts Step, Chino Pino, Wooden toy from Rubbabu, Baby products from Shop Barcelona, Amspec makers of Crayola, Adarna Books, Unicef, Power Cee, Sanofi, Nutri Deli, Mc Donalds, Goldilocks, Physiogel etc


What is the Good Thing in Baby Expo?
The expo is a child friendly area where there is a play ground that the kids can enjoy


My Loots from the Expo

My freebies from Expo

Overall I had a great time and they meet my expectations when it comes to the exhibitor. Good job! Looking forward for you next expo.

If you want to follow Baby Expo you can find them here
Website:  http://www.babyexpo.ph/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/babyexpoph

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