We are supposed to go to La Union and Baguio last weekend, unfortunately I got sick last Dec 26 super wrong timing. I had stomach pain as in hindi ko kaya tumayo sa bed, I supposed to work pa that day pero ending stay at home the whole day. The good thing is Little Kulit is my bantay he loves me so much, he never left my side, while I am sleeping nasa room lang din siya and watching tv come to think of it he is also sick.

December 27, we are left home because everyone is on the road na to La Union when I decided to bring Little Kulit sa ER he is been suffering from diarrhea since December 23 he is complaining na, and he loose pounds already he cannot eat well din. When I informed mom and dad that we are going to the ER na ayun every 30 minutes ang tawag kung okay ang apo nila. Actually when they left the house as per Ate Gloria tawag daw ng tawag si dad if we are okay. 

When we are at the ER of MCP grabe sa dami ng tao as in full siya, after vital signs checking, cbc and the specimen test I asked how long is the result after an hour pa daw. Dahil sa walang waiting area na maayos I decided to bring him sa SM BF na lang to unwind. 

After one hour, results come nothing to worry naman daw, he just have some bacteria daw and need to drink medicine for three days and advise na mag rest si Little Kulit.  

For the long weekend we just stayed at home to rest

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