Can’t get over for a holiday season? You still want to sleep till 10 am and relax, hays hope we can do that everyday. But we have to face the reality that wee need to be back to work.
How to beat this katamaran blues
1. Think positive- when alarms goes off, jump out of the bed and think positive that you will have a great day ahead of you.

2. SMILE- when you think positive, start your day with a big SMILE and everything will be okay.

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3. Organize your work space- make our work space inspires us. Clear some clutter, arrange files, remove old calendar and bring out the new one. 

4.What to do- Grab your planner, stick notes, note pads and pen and start to list your things to do. Take at a time, don’t rattle. Spend at least 10 minutes on your desk inhale and exhale and start your day.

5. Love your job- are you unhappy with your job? Take some time to review your job and your qualifications and your benefits. 

 6. Have Fun- have fun with your colleague during lunch time or break time, chikahan mode there is nothing wrong with that as long as hindi apektado ang work. Happy mode 🙂
During the weekend plan activity for your family to relieve your stress

 7. Plan your next vacation- get your calendar and planner and highlight holidays and long weekend and start to plan your vacation. How about to start your plan on January 31 it’s a long weekend 🙂

 8. It’s time to save- It’s another year, we have so much expenses during holidays, it’s now the time to SAVE again. 

 9. Focus- to make everything all right let’s FOCUS on our goals, why we work because we want to have a better life it’s not only for us but also for our family.

 10. Don’t forget to Pray- Let’s put GOD first in everything. To beat our katamaran blues let’s ask for God’s guidance, let Him be the center of our life.

Go back to work and looking forward to another long weekend vacation

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