Panic Mode Last Night
Yesterday, is a stressful day for me woke up at 430am to drag myself out of the bed, I need to be on the road by 6am to deliver stocks and check some papers in Cavite. My target time to be back in my office is 720am to eat full breakfast because it’s on my second day of fasting. I sacrifice one meal per day and no soft drinks. Fasting will be one week.
I have so many paper works to do maliban sa office, need to complete all my requirements for FDA and business permit renewal. I went home early, I want to rest but when I got home, ayun si Little Kulit excited to play with me and he wants to watch Frozen for 6th time already, matitiis ko ba naman ang anak ko.
After dinner and kuwentuhan with the whole family it’s our TV time na sabay sabay kami nag watch ng korean novela in channel 2 after the movie we make kulitan what will be the next episode kasi exciting ang story. 
11pm when Little Kulit will say Good night to everyone, when my sister is complaining about some body pains and chest pains, usually eto routine niya para mautusan niya kami or mang inis. She even ask Little Kulit to help her para makatayo and then she asked for water, and then I said “Sam let’s go baka ma heart attack pa tita mo we cannot go to Baguio pa”. Nasa room na kami wala pa 5minutes I heard some sigawan or basta maingay I thought sa neighbors namin, pero feeling ko ang lapit ng sounds then I remember na my sister is complaining something so I immediately went to Mama’s room and then I saw the commotion as far as I remember I said what is happening and I am shouting ” Aileen, Aileen”, I got scared because that is the first time that I saw her like that she cannot breath, she cannot move her body and she is so heavy. Little Kulit is already crying beside me, I asked hubby to carry my sister way out sa car, tumtakbo ako to open all the lights in the living room,kitchen and garage, all of us shouting and calling Gloria to open the gate. We need to bring her to the hospital because we don’t know what to do, iba kaya feeling when you don’t know what to do you want to help her to ease the pain, you want to know what is happening ang alam lang namin lahat we need to move fast and bring her to the hospital.
I was not able to join them because I need to be with my son who is crying and scared. Naiwan lahat ng fone sa house, I received a call for Mama after 15 minutes that her vital signs is already okay and just waiting for the doctor for ECG, thanked GOD. Little Kulit is so scared he stops crying na but he does not want to sleep or drink his milk, he keeps on saying what happen to tita, why tayo iwan, wala sila lahat.
1am when they are already home, no result yet but important is she is already stable. I can see the fear in her face, my hubby told me during there travel, sissy is keep on saying mamatay na ba ako, ayoko pa. We are hoping that everything will be okay, maybe she got nervous agad when she feel na she cannot breath properly.
Sissy and I are not like sisters in the movie that are super duper close type but we do go out, we bond, we make kuwentuhan, we both love little kulit so much. But we both know that we love each other and ayaw namin may mangyari masama sa isat isa.
My realization that time that life is to short, what if something happen unexpectedly there are lot things that we need to do pa lalo na siya madami pa siya like sa life. Second that anything can happen in split seconds you thought that you have an ordinary day but something extra ordinary will happen. Third that we have to live our life to the fullest. Fourth we need no show our love. Fifth that family is really important. Sixth that parents is always be a parent. Seventh sister is a sister, she will be your first and last friend. 

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