Better than Late than never 🙂 yah it’s another late post, I got sick after Christmas so there are lot more late post coming up.
It’s our first to celebrate Christmas at home with two kids, we usually went out of town since tight ang schedule ng holiday and we have a trip to La Union and Baguio on the 27th we decided to stay here na lang sa house.
I was home by 8pm na, we celebrate Christmas Lunch with my inlaws, Little Kulit is busy sleeping, buti na lang we are able to wrap some gifts pa.

Thank you ninang for my Little Kulit gifts

When he woke up around 930 om he is so happy to see all the gifts, I said we can open it later as usual he wants to open it all na agad, I told him that Ashley is already waiting for him akala niya joke, when he saw his tito ayun super smile agad and looking for his cousin, and the riot begins 🙂 yan ang bata, pero aminin natin mga mommies it make us happy diba kahit super gulo sila.
While waiting for 12am to celebrate Noche Buena we are busy preparing the Christmas tree and kids busy playing.

Lolo with two Kulits
Busy playing


We had a heavy dinner, we just have simple handa because we are planning to celebrate Christmas Lunch the next day.

 And when 12am strikes Kids are so excited to open their gifts, we had Noche Buena first and chikahan mode. 

My Little Kulit loves to tease his cousin alam naman niya na si Ashley ang mag blow ng cake ayun inunahan. They both love to blow the candle.

Let’s eat na 

 Our gift giving tradition 🙂 

My Little Kulit is super happy with my gift actually pang ilan na niya yan iba iba nga lang brand he is super duper loves basketball. Kaya every picture bitbit ang toy niya. 

Merry Christmas from my whole family 🙂

My best Christmas gift that I always have every Christmas is my family.

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