Happy Happy Happy New Year everyone 🙂
Every New Year is a blessing for us, we thanked God for everything that He gave us not just only the blessings but also for the trials that we have been through. Trials make us more stronger, strengthen our faith. 
Our holidays is not the same as before, this year our dearest lola passed away last September our reunion as not happy as before you will really feel something is missing. Last June my tita and cousins went to US for good. sila lagi namin kasama during holidays since I was a kid. But that is the reality nothing is permanent in this world except CHANGE.
Nag effort me for New Years eve celebration, last year kasi (2012) super ngarag kami sa Campaign period we are not able to celebrate it well as in rush lahat imagine nakalimutan ang ground beef for spaghetti so ang ending pansit bihon. So ngayon I really make it appoint na everything will be okay kahit may sakit ako I still manage to do grocery and buy some stuffs.
Let’s start with the decorations, since Little Kulit is now a “little man” halos alam na niya lahat. We told him that we have a party, ang party sa kanya ay may balloons and cake, when he saw the balloon he keeps on shouting ” Yehey party balloons”
Lack of time, I bought the decors at Festival Mall, Party Celebrations

Napkins at Landmark, washi tape from divisoria

I also put one table for My Little Kulit sweet corner, we have Contis cake, egg pie from Goldilocks, popcorn, chestnut and chocolates


We also follow the tradition that you need to have 13 rounded fruits in your table.


And of course the fireworks, hindi kami nawawalan ng Judas belt, sabi nga nila dapat maingay para mawala negative vibes. Praying and wishing for a better 2014

My Little Kulit is so scared, ayaw niya ng sounds he keeps on crying, Mommy told him to cover his ears na lang 

Hubby and I welcome 2014 with the picture 🙂

At 12:25 tumahimik na ang street namin sa fireworks, it’s time to eat na. We have simple media noche spaghetti, palabok, lumpia shanghai, siomai, puto,barbecue, sausage, ham and hotdog

 Our 2014 starts with the prayer with the whole family.
Happy New Year Everyone from us 

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