I have to admit that year 2013 is not a good year for me when it comes to financial 🙁
But of course there are so many things to be thankful, hindi nman lahat money matters lang.


Let’s start the list

1. We welcome new year with the whole family
2. My family is in good health
3. Driving to a new second hand car
4. I started blogging
5. Working full blast with mommy 
6. Started new business
7. Mom’s celebrated her 70th birthday
8. Hubby celebrated his birthday
9. Hubby and I celebrated 7 years together 
10. Subic trip twice
11. Little Kulit first time at Zoobic Safarri
12. Family outing at Laiya
13. Little Kulit went to school for a month
14. Little Kulit can read the alphabet (A-Z) at 2 years old
15. Little Kulit can recognize all the colors
16. Little Kulit can read numbers 1-20
17. Daddy and sissy celebrated there birthday
18. Lola celebrated her 91st birthday at Jollibee
19. Lola died in peaceful way, she live her life to the fullest
20. Lucky we are not flooded this year
21. We celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary
22. Little Kulit turned 3
23. I got new iphone
24. I got a new Long Champ bag
25. I celebrated my 3_ birthday 🙂
26. Invited at Baby Expo Opening ceremony
27. I received gift pack from King Sue, Starbucks because of this blog
28. Great sale during trunk sale 

We were not able to go out of town last year because we are so busy for the campaign. 

I may not lucky last year regarding financial matters but I am so lucky with my son, Little Kulit is now a “little man” we can talk na he can understand na what I am saying he can make kuwento na din, he is so active, hypher, super smart and healthy boy. I am also lucky that my parents is still with me. 

Year 2014 looking forward for a better year :- ) 


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