As a working mom, weekend is very sacred for me, I really devote my time with my Little Kulit. This is the time that we can spend a lot of time in kulitan, bonding, chikahan.We can have all the time in bed, it also means that we can wake up at 9am.
Last Saturday his daddy needs to be at work at 7am, after wifey duties preparing my husband needs at work, sinamahan ko uli si Little Kulit to sleep, the weather is so good super lamig, we woke up at 9am. Little Kulit is so happy to see me, super dami ng kiss and he asked me if I will be with him the whole day and I said yes. Super happy ang anak ko, nakakalambot ng puso, kaya every time na I will go to work and he will say na “Mommy please don’t leave” super naman nakakadurog ng puso.
We start our day at Shopwise Sucat, we had grocery with mom and dad, doon na din kami nag breakfast. When we got home, we watch TV while waiting for our lunch, me nagpaligo, put him into sleep, eat snacks as in lahat ako.
But everything is worth it lalo na pag may ” I love you Mommy”.

Sunday we went to MOA, we just went around at the bay side. 

Time really flies, please don’t grow to fast Little Kulit.

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