What a morning??? I usually wake up at 630am on weekdays, as early as 4:45am My Little Kulit is already awake and smiling ayaw na matulog kahit ano pilit ko. When it’s time for me to prepare for work mas lalo naging active, he wants to go with me sa office or maiwan daw ako sa house. Imagine how hirap as a mom when your child will beg you na “Mommy please don’t leave”, ang nasasagot ko lang “kung puwede lang baby”. 
Before going to work, I changed his clothes and inikot ko muna sa subdivision when it’s time to go down sa car, ayaw na and he keeps on crying. It’s really hard for me to go to the office knowing that my son is left behind and crying, begging me not to leave him. That is the dilemma of being a working mom.
Well I have to move on now and finish my work, I saw this image while browsing my desktop and reminds me something again

My Little Kulit is my happiness, my life he is my everything

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