Almost all of the mommies to be are asking if what is the best milk for their babies, or if there will be a milk come out from there breast. I am lucky that I was able to experience breastfeeding for two years. 
I have a CS delivery to my Little Kulit, during my recovery period lucky that Little Kulit was able latch properly on my breast and he was able to get the colustrum, which is the baby’s first milk. After that, he needs to be at the nursery again, since I have an allergy our pedia prescribed us to get NAN HW1 as his formula milk. NAN HW- One Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Infant is highly recommend for a family with allergies.

My Little Kulit grew up in mix breast feed and formula milk, but he is exclusive NAN user from NAN HW1, NAN HW2, NAN PRO 3 and now NAN 4 KID. 
I highly recommend NAN to all mommies, my son grew up healthy, active and very smart.
Last week, I already received my sample pack on NAN KID 4, includes 750 grams of Milk and a bag. Thank you so much. 

The Nestle Research Center in Switzerland scientifically formulated this product with;

1. Bifidus BL- probiotics that help inhibit the growth of harmful microbes in the gut.
2. DENTA PRO- helps improve dental health
3. DHA- a component of the brain and the eyes
4. B Complex- helps release energy of working and play 
All of these will help provide expert protection for the optimal development of your preschooler above 3 years old.
Nestle shares your dream of reaching the optimal development of your preschooler and recognize the changing environment and needs of your child.
Start giving your preschooler NAN KID FOUR to help him with the protection he needs as he prepares for the more challenging years ahead.

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