I have more fun memories during my college days :-). I belong to a big group and take note hindi kami pare pareho ng course. 

As far as I remember we are three groups merge to one mga 1997 nag start during summer classes and during our volunteer days in enrollment.

Meet my barkada, here is the first barkada pic that we are complete. 

Here is our second group pic in studio, hope we can have another one with our kids

We always celebrate Christmas Party, during college days kanya kanya dala ng food and we always have exchange gift ha come to think of it we always save money for this event.

When we are already working, we still do have Christmas party pero ibang level na dinner at resto, starbucks after. Paano ba naman till 4am kami nasa labas. 

Here are some of our pics, dami ko na nawala pics because of Ondoy but the memories will be with me forever.

Christmas Party year 2000 mga fresh grads pa 🙂

 2005 Christmas Party Pics, Jen’s place

 2008 Christmas Party, Jolly’s Place

2009 Christmas Party, BF Parañaque

2010 Christmas Party at Dampa, one of the best party dami ng bagets, and we have our balikbayan friends from US 

2011 Christmas Party, mini Christmas Party lang dami kasi hindi puwede

2012 Christmas Party, last party with my good friend William, tinakasan ako papunta ng Canada. Hmmp 

Last year, the organizer is our good friend Surge first time mag organize and first time na most of the attendees ay nasa Canada.

Hope next year mas marami na 🙂

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