Thinking, Thinking and Thinking
Is it time for a change 

2014 will be my 7th year in my present company, it’s been too long. No regrets I am happy with my boss and my colleagues, but I have to think my finances since Little Kulit will be going to a formal school this June.
My expenses is growing, nasabayan pa ng new tax low which my increase in salary napunta lang sa taxes. imagine that I am paying more than 5k for tax.
January when I decided to update my resume and jobstreet. 
Am I ready for a new career change? New company? New boss?

Honestly, I am looking for a new job because I want to know what is my price worth now a days and I want to earn more. The good thing is during my phone interview when they asked what is my asking and I would answer them back and they will say we can give you more than that. Wow imagine I am already 30++ but I still have worth and I am always candidate for a shortlist. 
I have been working for 14 years already, and I have so many exposures, that is why I believe that I can compete with a fresh grad and to a more experience people.
Which career fits me?

Since January 25 after 3 days of jobstreet application I received numerous call if I want to have an interview. During my single days go ng go every invitation now I am more conscious I will ask them the following question first;

  1.   For what position- at least hindi masayang pareho time namin. Some companies kasi iba naka  post advertisement iba sa actual.
  2. What is your office schedule- I do not like to work during Saturdays
  3. Is it for regular position- I need to secure my future
  4. Salary and benefits- eto ang importante 🙂

Oh diba straight na kung straight sayang ang toll and gas 🙂 
Looking for a brighter future and success

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