One of my passion is to go to supermarket, I love shopwise. Most of the time lagpas budget.

Yesterday, I am so glad that I was able to shop in our office actually they deliver it sa table ko. 
First day in the morning my friend Cynthia handed me my 24 pieces double yolk egg. Super lakas namin sa egg that 24 pieces will last for a week sometimes less than pa, Little Kulit loves egg every meal niya may egg na kasama. 

 I asked Sensi sales rep to deliver my order sa office na din, I got four packs of double Xl diaper, and our Gardenia supplier I got 3 loaf of breads. 

Done with my grocery need for a week, actually pahabol na lang ito for discounted price since I had my grocery last weekend.

And by the way I just learned this morning I lost my Php 500.00, I don’t know where kung somebody get it from my wallet, or hindi ako nasuklian. Hindi bale mmay kapalit yun 

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