For seven years working here in my present job, I have nothing to complain when it comes to my benefits and to my superior. However, when we have a relocation from Sucat to Laguna and unexpected toll hike and fuel increase my travel expense become expensive. My everyday expense for toll fee  is Php 166 if I summed up for a month it will cost me Php 4316, gas and maintenance is still not counted. 

Last January when hubby and I talking if I can start looking for another job that is more accessible for me. At first I have hesitations, but I have to try it also if there is something new waiting for me :-).

After three times of re schedule of my interview one of the companies in Makati, finally we are able to set it on last Friday during Valentines day. 
It’s my first time again to have a job interview after seven years 🙂 what do I expect.
I arrived 30 minutes early before the call time, I am now confident during interviews no more goose bumps graduate na ako dun :-), I am confident now in answering all their questions, aba in 14 years working siguro naman I know na what are my capabilities.
My interview went well it only last for 30 minutes, she even confident with me and she even told me that we are going to be a good partner, since the head of HR is not available at that time she told to wait for her call by this week. We even discussed the salary and benefits.
If you are going to ask me right now if I will accept the offer? my answer is still 50/50 🙂
I’ve been thinking for these issues;
  1. I am not comfortable working with a female boss
  2. Am I really ready to leave my post?
  3. Expect traffic for two years in Edsa and Magallanes
Waiting for Alabang area job opening 

Good luck to me

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