How is my Little Kulit at Kumon?
I avail the two weeks free trial for him, at first during his diagnostic test he is not that cooperative, 15 minutes lambingan before he answer his worksheet. I am little worried on his first day if he will attend his class and if magpapaiwan siya.
I asked my dad to bring him in his class since I cannot leave from my work. His class will start at 11:15, 11:20 I received a text from my dad “SUCCESS” it means nagpaiwan si Kulit. Kumon center is not allowed guardians to stay inside the room. I am so happy and excited to finish his first session if he do well. 
When I got home, he is so happy to tell me stories about his session and his Teacher Sabel, as an excited mommy after dinner I immediately washed him and put his pajamas, prepare his study table and we do his worksheet. I am so happy that he responds well.

 I avail the reading class, we have three worksheets to work on before his next class on Thursday. 

The next day I asked his dad to teach him because I will be home late, his other worksheets compose of drawings and colors.

Over the weekend we have to work on these work sheets, it’s late for me to recognize that each work sheet has a date to follow 🙁

After his two weeks trial I had a meeting with his teacher, she told me that my little kulit is doing good, he is good in memorization, picture memory. The only problem is he is so kulit he cannot stay on his chair for the whole session. But as we all know, ganyan talaga sila lalo na pag boy it’s a normal thing. That is one of Kumon method to develop discipline with the kids. My Little Kulit is now 3.4 target ng teacher niya before he reach 4 years old on October he can read na. 
As his prize since he is good and above average yun nga lang malikot, we had a date in Jollibee. 

Time really flies, he can order na what he wants and he can eat by himself, things that makes me happy and the same time makes me sad because I know someday that my little kulit will be a big boy kulit na. How I wish that he can always be my little kulit. 
After our dinner date, we went to puregold to buy his water and milk, his making me kulit to buy him tennis for two weeks already. He saw a badminton at toy section since its mura lang naman I bought it na he also got good grades naman. That is why I told him if you do good in school you will get a reward.
We are now on stage teaching him how to save money, to choose what he likes more and what is more important and teaching me to check the tag price.
Look at him how happy he was after we bought his new toy.


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