During our post valentines date in MOA, we passed by at the activity area and saw this one 

Colgate Oral Health Month Kick Off you can check on there fb page for some details.

After our lunch, we had our coffee at SM Prestige, this is one of the privilege of sm prestige holder you can stay on there lounge with two guest, you can have coffee or tea. Since Little Kulit is with us and he keeps on running an playing with his new ball, the receptionist asked Sam if he wants na mag color na lang. Little Kulit said yes, but he is asking for a jumbo coloring book, demanding pa anak ko, at the end pumayag din naman sa isang color sheet and two colors. 

After coffee break, we decided to try the activities at  the activity center.

First step is to register, then they will give us card we need to participate at least three activities before we can get our VIP pass. 

We participate in these three activities

Our first stop is Dental Check up, Little Kulit first time to have his dental check up. The good thing is the dentist told us nothing to worry about his teeth, maganda daw teeth and no cavities. Of course we use COLGATE FOR KIDS. 

Hubby’s turn, he needs to brush all cavities, of course na brush lahat and our prize is two colgate sachet 🙂


After our three stamps we got the VIP pass, but Little Kulit is bored na, we just give our pass to someone na lang.

For the VIP Pass you can bring your kids sa center stage to watch and read stories with Solenn Heusaff.

Over all experience we had a great time 🙂 and we bring home some freebies. 


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