I am into job hunting :-), it sounds fun, updating CV, browsing jobstreet and looking forward for an interview.
Lucky for me, I received several calls for interview but I just cannot go agad agad for personal interview, that is why over the phone pa lang I would ask them na lang all the inquiries before I said yes for a personal interview.
Last week I received a call from one of the biggest BPO here in our country, I am not applying for a call center agent, it’s an EA for the managing director. The offer is great with complete benefits, the problem is I have to work at night because we need to follow US time. Which makes me think a hundred times.

I asked my hubby if he will let me to work at night he said “NO”, I asked for a second opinion with my mom the same answer “NO”. The main concern is My Little Kulit, lagi kasi naka buntot sa akin he is my shadow. My mom told me, anak para ka na din nag ofw if you work at night, halos whole day ka din wala you will sleep in the morning and yo will work at night, lalalayo loob ng anak mo sayo.
I have been thinking this opportunity so many times as in million times na ata, I even talked to some of my friends, of course the answer will be ako ang bahala.
I make a list of advantages and disadvantages working at night, what will be the effect with my family and to my toddler?

Well unfortunately most of the list falls into disadvantages, since that I grew up with the family that who observe holidays and weekend sacred for us, sleep together and dinner is the most important meal in our family and I want Little Kulit to observe these traditions also, how I can guide him if I will not be around to teach me.
I had an experiment for two consecutive nights, I put him into sleep around 930-10pm, at 1130pm I started working on my desk at around 1230am he is already looking for me, he cannot sleep straight panay ang gising and looking for me. Ang hirap hirap pala, how I can work knowing  that my son cannot sleep well.
Advantages working at night;
1. High pay salary
2. Medical benefits with 5 dependents including your parents even you are married
3. Night differential pay
4. Transportation, meal and other allowances

1. I have to be away with my son and hubby every night
2. Health risk
3.Possibility of being robbed, hold up, pick pocketers
4. Prone to accident
5. I cannot guide my family and attend to there needs
6. No holidays
7. It maybe the source of our marriage problems
The verdict: I turn down the offer, maybe God has another plan for me 🙂
My family is my life and treasure I cannot afford to loose them 

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