Every woman should find time for herself to relax and to energize.
As a working mom “ME Time” is an activity that we should have before we become stressed or depressed  or to be our outlet once we are stressed at work, family or what ever. 
Having a ME Time is one of the guilty feeling as a mom, but we need to do this to be able to recharge and feel good. Despite of our busy schedule, we need to find sometime for ourselves. Believe me it’s really worth it 

Mommy Anna Me Time Suggestions:

 1. Make time for yourself- 30 minutes to one hour for your self you will do 🙂 



 2. Foot spa- for me this is the best 🙂 having foot spa is one of the best relaxation. Look for a salon or spa that offers good package. Php 250-500 you can have one hour – 2 hours relaxation


3. Bubble bath- spend some more time in shower or bubble bath. In our ordinary days 5-10 minutes shower will do. Spending more time in our usual routine having a long bath/shower, stay longer at bubble bath, have some scrub, hair treatment you will feel refresh and renewed.

4. Sleep- find time to sleep more, sleep like a baby

 5. Massage- have a good massage :-). If I have a privilege and budget I will definitely get one for our house. I can have best back massager in my own comfort in our house. I saw a perfect one in online the comfy massage chair.

6. Read a good book 

7. Shopping- shop for your self once in a while 🙂

 8. Go to a Salon- once in a while visit a salon for your hair treatment, hot oil, hair color, manicure and pedicure. Even we already a mom, we must know how to look good and how to take care of ourselves. 

9.Update your journal- keep journal, write down your personal stuffs.
10. Coffee or tea time with friends- have a single time with your friends, re group, have an update with one another.
Schedule your ME Time now 

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