Little Kulit is now on his sweet mode 🙂 out of the blue he will say “I love you mommy” which makes me happy.

Now that I am already a mom, I will always make it appoint to express my love to my little kulit from the time that I learn that I am pregnant and he was born every day every minute I always tell him that I love him so much.

His first attempt to say I love you mommy he was 1 year and 3 months he will say “Labu mommy”, when he became two years old “Labu Labu mommy” at 2.5 super clear na ” I love you Mommy”. Before we sleep and first thing in the morning we exchange words of I love you.

Now he become more expressive, out of the blue he will say I love you mommy, for example a week ago nasa elevator kami madami tao bigla na lang nag i love you, lahat napatingin and they said how sweet, marami pa yan watch lang kami tv, in the mddle of his lessons, when he is playing, when I’m working basta masabi lang niya. As a mom I am super duper happy, and nakakalambot ng puso. How I wish kahit lumaki siya ganon pa din siya. You know naman the boys aga aga mahiya. 

To My Dearest Little Kulit,

  I love you so much, hope that you will be a good boy when you grow up and please don’t be shy to show love and affection to your daddy, lolo, lola, tita and most especially with me. Don’t be offended when people will say that you are mama’s boy. it means lang na mommy loves you so much. Just always remember that I will always be here for you no matter what happen. I will give you everything basta kaya ako and I will guide you to be a better person. I will raise you like what lolo and lola did. My only wish is that you will love us/me forever yung para ka lang baby, that you will always kiss, embrace and of course you will always tell us na you love us. 



Let me end my post with this quote 

 Our selfie shot during our mommy and baby date

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