It’s better than late than never….
A birthday greeting to my dearest hubby, his birthday was last March 30 :-). We spent his birthday at Vivere Hotel, we had so much fun

To my dearest hubby,
Happy Happy birthday, I love you thank you for being always there for me, for loving me for who I am and for who I am not, thank you for showing kindness to my family and friends, thank you for being a good father to our Little Kulit, thank you for spoiling us, thank you for being supportive in all my decisions and kalokohan.
We may not be a perfect couple, but we know that deep inside that we love each other and we have to admit some of our misunderstandings and petty quarrels make our relationship stronger.
I love you so much mahal, I may be always the super kulit and pa utos wifey but you know that I care for you so much. I wish you a good health and more birthdays to come, I wish you all the best and I wish that God will give you more patience 
Just continue to love us mahal,
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