Little Kulit summer class started last Monday, but he was absent for two days since he got fever and severe stomach ache. Yesterday was his second day on class he was late for 6 minutes, nag start na ang playtime but he still join after few minutes he told his Lola, “Lola come, stay here”, he is pointing to a long chair in front of his classroom. When the class was suppose to start Little Kulit immediately went out and asked his lola for his food he is hungry daw, and then he wants dede, Lola notice na niloloko lang siya ng makulit niya apo, so binalik niya sa room si Little Kulit. After five minutes Little Kulit went outside again with his things and he said “Lola let’s go home na, I don’t like to study”, his Lola said “No”, afterwards all the students are coming out and following Little Kulit, toinks! Anak ko ang leader sa pagpapasaway.

The teacher asked all the parents and yaya to transfer on another room, yung hindi sila makikita to avoid distraction to all the kids, Little Kulit was crying, but Lola told him that he needs to study or else no play time later, she asked one of the teachers to guide Little Kulit. Ayun eh di nanahimik.

After one hour, one of the parents approached Lolo and Lola that it’s time to go home na, and Little Kulit was crying because he cannot find his Lola. Pagsundo kay Kulit, Lola asked the teacher how is Little Kulit in the classroom, they said that he participated well and he asked questions na regarding their studies.

Well konti na lang, Little Kulit will be adjusted na in his new environment, unlike Kumon kasi it’s one on one lang

Look what Little Kulit got on his activity sheet
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