As much as I wanted to be with Little Kulit 24/7 to protect him to any harm I will do it, but I can’t I have to work. And accidents really happen in just a snap.
I want to share with you, my Little Kulit’s first time bukol, accident, black eye, numerous bumps, hulog, dapa are not included na 🙂  Actually these are the major accidents happened to my Little Kulit.
His first bukol was November 7, 2011 as far as I remember it’s is a long weekend and we are scheduled for his first hair cut. While waiting for his lola, Little Kulit was just starting to walk by that time when all of sudden I heard him crying, I immediately rushed to look for him and ayun sa kalikutan he had his first bukol, may nahulog something in his head.
Second was the major accident, it happened at the farm that was September 10, 2012 a month before his birthday. He had four stitches lucky his tita and Lola is with him during the accident. His tita is crying when he informed dad that Little Kulit bumped his head and there is a lot of blood coming out on his forehead. They immediately rushed Little Kulit at the hospital; imagine nasa farm sila and liblib ang lugar mga 15-20 minutes away before makarating sa hospital. Lucky that all nurses and doctors are so attentive they attend to Sam immediately after his stitches and Xray he was released to the hospital. Grabe yung feeling ko that time during my travel hindi ako mapakali even my sister texted me that everything is okay pero as a Mom you really want to see your kid agad to really check if he is okay
His first black eye happened last Easter Sunday lang, ayun sa kakulitan he bumped his eye at the door knob naman. Imagine the next day it will be his first day at his summer class, tapos may black eye.
Well everything ends well Jas much as possible na huwag na lang siya mag run and play to avoid any accident, wounds, bukol etc  but I know I cannot deprive him to experience playing , and it is really part of growing up. My part is to guide and look after him and as much as possible prevent any thing that will happen to cause him any harm
 I love you Little Kulit
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