Last week, I had a long weekend chores, which is the life of being a working mom. Sometimes I must admit that I want to sleep on weekends for the whole day to regain energy, but there are a lot of things to do. And having a toddler it’s not possible for a working mom to sleep all day.
Friday after office, I went to grocery already para mas mabilis and to stick on a budget since the next pay day will be in two weeks pa. 
Saturday is a busy day for us; we left Little Kulit to mom and dad para mapabilis kami ng chores. We decided to re decorate our family drug store and hubby do some electrical. Imagine for 1.5 hours the breaker is off super init.
We manage to have a quick date just the two of us before heading home we had dinner and coffee, as what I have said before as a couple you still have a quality time to each other. For 45 minutes we have a quick date because Little Kulit is already looking for us and hubby is not feeling well since Friday.
Sunday, we are supposed to join out family for church service but we ended up staying at home because hubby is sick and he wants to rest for a while. I become a full time mom again as in ako lahat, but I am happy and it’s worth it. Whole day bonding with my son is so precious. 
My Little Kulit different looks 🙂
When my two boys is sleeping; I manage to have a “ME TIME”, I am readinh  a good book Five Languages of Love but I am not yet done but the book is really good It must read 
That how’s I spent my weekend J, Looking forward for this weekend since we have a lot of activities to do and it’s a mothers day on Sunday.


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