We want to provide the best education for our kids; this is the only thing that we can give it to them.
Now that I am a mom, I want to make it sure that I could provide him the best education as much as possible. I have been scouting for toddler school for two years already.
Last year we tried two schools for him, but we ended up nothing he is not yet ready.
But this year he is more confident and ready to go to school he had his Kumon for a month and followed by his summer class, which he got accelerated.
I came up with these lists in choosing a right school for our kids
1.     Accessibility- how long is the travel time a 10-15 minutes drive will do to avoid the inconvenience and to prevent the kids for being restless.
2.    School environment- is the school principal and staffs are friendly and accommodating. For me this is one of the most important thing,  that staffs are easy to talk with and you will feel that your kid is secure and you are very much welcome.
3.    School amenities- classroom are well maintained and follow the DEPED requirements. I also check if they have a socialization area and playground. This will help kids to develop their skills.
4.   Accredited by DEPED-we need to check if the school is DEPED accredited
5.    School background- as much as possible let’s check the school background, how long the school exist, number of enrollees, reviews about the school
6.   School Program- what the school can offer, how many subjects per class, what are the socialization program they offer
7.    Class Population- I always asked this “how many students per class” The ideal ration for kid’s class is 2:12 to 2:15 it supposed to have two teachers per room, students must be 10-15 only.
8.   Teacher’s background- the teacher must be effective and as much as possible she must be well experienced. Handling kids is not easy.
9.   Subjects- what subjects they will teach? 
10. Tuition fee- we have to check if the tuition fee is reasonable enough.
Hope this one help Lovely Mommies 🙂 
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