It’s my dad and sister birthday yesterday, as a family tradition we are always together to celebrate our special day. Since it falls on weekend it’s more special, my sister wants to have an overnight stay at the hotel since lack of time we just went to Festival Mall Saturday night for her massage and dad treat us for dinner. The next day together with my brother and his family we had our buffet lunch.
Browsing my wedding album last night, pop on my mind why I don’t make some blog post regarding my dad.
My dad is our super fun and strict dad; he knows how to balance to be a strict and cool dad. As like what I have said before I am so thankful how my dad raises us, for not being strict my life will be the same as now. He is a good provider, he knows how to make us happy, he surprise us in a simple things when we are still kids, he is our driver, security guard, body guard, cook, clown and etc 🙂  . He definitely knows how to make his family happy and will grow together. He also never missed special occasions in our lives.
Being a dad of three children, the same time husband to my mom, a good son to his parents, a brother and a friend he definitely makes a mark in each of our lives. He always remembered on his special day.
To my dad, I may not be the perfect daughter but I gave you a perfect partner my son, our Little Kulit who makes you happy, as always you keep on saying “iba ang saya ng nabibigay ng apo”. Thank you for being such a good father and a good lolo. Thank you for the unconditional love and for protecting us. No matter how old we are and we have our own family but you still guide us, you always there for us. For a simple checking our cars, for checking where we are, what time we are going home, where are we going to eat? Simple gestures but definitely that is your way showing us how you love us. Thank you for raising Little Kulit, for spoiling him, feeding him, playing with him, put him into sleep and bringing him to school, I assure you that Little Kulit will love you forever.
Dad we will always love you and we will always remember all the things that you taught us.
Happy BirthdayDaddy
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