Do you know the feeling when you are going home and thinking that you still have to attend the needs of your family?
Lately I am always home at late night, but still I need to fulfill my mommy and wifey duties. That is life of a working mom. No matter how tired I am
Last night before going home, I need to pass by in Festival Mall I need to change the size of My Little Kulit’s jogging pants and t shirt, I need to pay our telephone bills, need to buy his milk, his baon and to do some groceries. No matter that I had a long day at the office and I am super sleepy.
Since that is Little Kulit is now in preschool, when I got home y first stop was to check his bag and his diary. If books are not included in his bag he has no assignments. In their school they can leave their things, they can only bring their diary.
Last night he had two work books one in math and one in writing, I asked his dad to teach him in colors and I will be the one to teach him in Math. While browsing his workbooks, this is what I saw. No matter how tired I am seeing my son’s work is worth it. He is really good come to think of it his classmates are older than him and they went to Junior casa while my son straight to senior casa after a month of summer class.
No matter how my day ended at the office, No matter how much negative vibes that I absorb, No matter how hungry I am, No matter how tired I am, No matter how sleepy I am. The good thing is that I have a son and a family waiting for me to be home that always has a positive thing to look for.
No matter what
Had a great evening Lovely Mommies 🙂
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