I love being a mom!!!
This is my ultimate dream, being a mom is the happiest day of my life. I become a better person I learn how to forgive and let it go; I learn what the true meaning of unconditional love is, and what the life of being a mother is.
“MOTHER”, “MOM”, “MAMA”, “MOMMY”, “NANAY”, “INAY” is a big role not just a word, a role that we need to fulfill, embrace and love it.
Part of being a working  mom is a lot of sacrifices you really need to know how to manage your time, learn how to handle your emotions and most of all you need to show and let your kids feel that they are the most important person in the world, that no matter what they will be our top priority.
There are lots of considerations why some of moms still consider being a working a mom, it’s not just a career or ambition, the number one fact is the financial matters. Now a day’s cost of living is expensive come to think of it most of us our salaries is not enough to sustain our needs. Some of us want to prove something in ourselves. Whatever the reason is why some of women still choose to be a working mom, there is a big reason behind it. 
Do you know the feeling that your “maternity leave” is about to end and you have to face the reality that you have to work for 9 hours again. It’s so painful especially in the first two weeks, and I would say I salute OFW mom’s how they were able to survive the sadness.
As early as possible we need to tell our kids why we need to work so they can understand why we need to leave them for a while. In my experience, as early as 1.5 years old every time that I will go to the office and my son is crying and begging me to say I will explain it to him “Mommy needs to work or else we cannot buy your milk, diapers, clothes, toys and we cannot eat, we cannot pay our bills, you cannot watch mickey mouse” and he will let me go. Of course I need to admit that there are times that he will be having a tantrums and he doesn’t want me to let it go, it’s so heartbreaking seeing your son crying and you really need to leave. There are times that I can’t help but to cry while driving, but I need to be strong for the future of my son. Someone will say it’s a drama, but believe me once you are mom you will feel the same that what we feel right now as a working mom.
Let me share some of my thoughts what is life of being a working mom
Working mom when you are expecting a baby
       Working mom when you gave birth
       Working mom when you are raising an infant
       Working mom when you are raising a    toddler
       Working mom when you are raising a preschooler

Come and join me to reminisce and discover a life of being a working home and dreaming to be a WAHM.

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