They met during their summer class last April and they become close, my Little Kulit used to call her Pretty Girl, two weeks after when dad told us her name is Bella.

They play first beforeclasses start andthey went home together. Yan ang everyday routine nila sa school, Two days before mag end ang summer class Little Kulit gifted Bella a hello kitty kaleidoscope.

This is their picture during culminating activity
My Little Kulit was accelerated from junior casa to senior casa so hindi na sila classmates, he even asked Bella to his teachers during his first day in class. 

Three days before the program my dad teased him that he is going to see Bella again, ayun nagliwanag ang eyes ng baby ko.

After two months they finally meet again, at first they are both shy but afterwards ayun ayaw na maghiwalay. Kami na lang naiwan sa room.
Look at them how happy they are 🙂

 Hope they will be friends forever

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