Last Friday hubby and I took a leave from work to attend our Little Kulit school program about nutrition month. Program was already delayed because of the typhoon Glenda.

The program is composed of puppet making, cooking demo and dance number from junior to advance casa. I asked hubby to do the puppet since I don’t know how to do it, I don’t have any artistic side talaga. This is the finish product of our puppet; it’s made of radish and broccoli.
Here are some puppets made by other parents/students

As an excited parents we are already on school 15 minutes before the program will start, at first Little Kulit is so playful but when the program begins ayun na nagstart na ang drama effect. He doesn’t want to sit beside his classmates, ayaw na din mag dance. Ang ending when they are about to dance lahat sumakit na sa kanya, he is tummy aching daw, his head, he is sleepy na daw as in lahat ng palusot nagawa na.

As his punishment I told him NO IPHONE, NO TABLET, NO MALL, and NO TV for two days. I explained it to him why he needs to be punished, at first he was hesitant to follow but afterwards he understands na why he needs to follow.
It’s also an accomplishment for me to stay firm on my decision, seeing my son being punished is also hard but I have to do it or else he will not learn 🙂

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