As a working mom you have a lot of things do but you just have a little time as much as possible we really need to manage and maximize our time.
If you are a working mom, your job will not stop in your office, when you got home there is another one waiting for you, and on weekends my job is to be a full time mom and housewife.
I was not able to update my blog for a long time since I have a little time in my busy world.
Let me give you random things that I have done in the past few weeks;
1.     My weekly grocery
2.     Need to attend My Little Kulit school program
3.     Need to review My Little Kulit for his two days Long quiz
4.    Change curtains
5.     General cleaning
6.    Family Gathering
7.     Events
8.    Arrange closet and toys
9.    Spend quality time with hubby
10.  Manage small business
11.   Stocky inventory
12.   Hair rebond and treatment
13.   Office activity
14.  Out of town
15.   Sunday mass
As far as I remember yan mga yan but may mga side errands pa yan, well time management is very important and FOCUS on our daily task
Here are some tips how to be a productive  mom on weekends, which I learned from my own experience 🙂
1.     Plan ahead of time- if you are planning to have a weekend out of town with your family, plan ahead of time.  Make an itinerary for your convenience.
2.     Schedule- Stick on your schedule, if you have a calendar in your office, you also need to have a family calendar, so that you can maximize your mommy duties. Plot your schedule accordingly. As much as possible if you can bring your kid with in your errands is much better, so you can spend quality  time with them
3.     Quality time with your kids- as much as possible think an activity that you can spend  time together. Or just have a mommy date. For us once a month or twice a month I make it assure that we must have a mommy and cham cham date.
4.    Make a list or a goal- Have a list or a goal for your family. Writing down our goal helps us to have something what we are working for.
5.     Go on a date with your partner- This is so important especially if you already have kids. You need to have time to your partner also and give them importance. Time away from the kids is good in your relationship.
6.    Me time- Time for yourself is important as well. Sometimes we as moms forget to take care of ourselves because we are taking care of the kids, manage the house, taking care of hubby, and office work all day. It’s important to set aside time for yourself, you need to re charge your energy.
Let me end my post with this quote 
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