In the middle of my busy day last Monday I accidentally drop my maybeline compact, I knew it’s already cracked since I experienced same incident last year.
Good thing I was able to watch in youtube few months ago how to repair a broken make up, you can watch it here
I immediately look for the things that I need to repair my compact, you need to have an alcohol, spatula or stirrer and a plastic.
Just follow these simple steps;
1.    Gather all of the broken pieces of makeup into its original container,
2.     Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact, and let it soak in. Use spatula or stirrer, mine I used my finger to rub and smooth down the makeup.  
3.    Once your makeup is all smooth again, all you have to do is wait and have it dry. 
Now I am still using the same compact Jyou can also use this steps for your broken blush, bronzer or eye shadow
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