Healthy eating and a strict diet has never been easy for me especially I don’t eat vegetables and I am not fan of dieting. Ever since I have a chubby figure, which I still consider myself as a sexy one, people who are close to me use to call me “Anna sexy”.
My dad who keeps on telling me to have a healthy living, to eat vegetables, to exercise and be on diet as a person like me who is close minded and happy who I am, it is hard for me  to convince to be on diet.
Now that I am a mom, I realized that I need to be healthy for my son, I need to try to eat some healthy food, good thing I was one of the lucky mommy bloggers who were given a chance to have a one day experience of 1200kcalorie meal for one day from The GoodBox PH .
Last week I received one day full meal from The GoodBox PH, here is my complete meal for the next day.
For my breakfast I had Mixed Vegetables and Cheese Sandwich, coffee and a fruit. I just had a hard time to finish my sandwich since it has vegetables but the coffee taste good same with the fruits. I don’t know if psychological or I am just busy that morning, I don’t feel that I am starving in the next hours. It’s late for me to realize that I have Fresh Smoothie for my am snack.
Well it’s okay I have a late lunch, for my lunch I have Nutty Chicken Penne and a salad, which really taste good and this is my favorite meal 
For my PM snack I just had Oat cookies, which makes me hungry but still I need to be focus and just eat this one
And lastly for my dinner I had Tofu Tacos, vegetable sticks with dip. The veggie sticks with a dip taste good, the tofu tacos is just okay since I love tofu if it is fried.
Overall experience, I am happy what I had and happy that I was able to survive with my 1200 calories meal for one day. I just need to practice how to eat veggies.
Good Box offers healthy, nutritious food in the meal plan of your choice is available at your convenience, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Meal plan consist of 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400 and 2700 calorie menus; each meticulously planned with proper proportions of fat, carb and protein by our in-house nutritionist and chefs for a balanced meal. We also make sure that every meal has the nutrients your body needs to keep itself fueled throughout the day. Whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain it, or even gain some, there is just no excuse to not eat healthy!
They are now offering special meal programs: South Beach Diet, Diets for Medical Conditions and 5-day Juice Cleanse!
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