Last week I took a leave from work because I will attend the wedding of my good friend Candice. Her wedding will be in Tagaytay 3pm, good thing My Little Kulit class was moved to 9am instead of 1030am, I can spend time with him pa.

They just have a swimming class, we arrived 9am and he saw Bella as usual they have playtime muna, it’s also distribution of their long quiz results and class standing.

After his swimming time, I asked him if we can go home, I need to prepare for the wedding pa but he insist for the shake shake fries, I told him drive thru na lang but no pa din sit daw kami, ang ending we spend another 30 minutes in Mcdo just to eat his favorite shake shake fries and chicken.
For 3 hours we just have a simple bonding, I bring him to the school, assist him in his swimming time and have a 30 minutes date in Mcdo.
 Being with My Little Kulit is the best time of my life
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