It’s our first time to stay at home during long weekends no out of town since hubby needs to work, my mom is busy on her business, my sister is busy cleaning her room, and I just want to watch dvd movie the whole day.

Last Saturday we need to attend the first birthday of my friend’s daughter since it will be in Tanauan batangas and I don’t know how to drive that too far, no choice but to commute. It’s a challenge for me to bring Little Kulit, it his first time to ride the  bus and jeep. I parked my car in Festival Mall and walk all the way to South Station for the bus terminal to meet my friend Cynthia. 

First challenge: To convince my son that we will ride in a bus and to keep quiet with his Lolo that we will commute- “Success” he is so excited to ride on a bus.

Second challenge: To convince him to walk for 10 minutes under the sun. “Success” yun nga lang we have a lot of stop over, since it’s his first time to walk on the walk way of festival mall, he is so excited to see if there is a fish in the creek, and he is amazed with the street kids and he keep on asking what are they doing.

Third challenge: To convince him to keep quiet and stay calm inside the bus. Knowing my son he is easily get bored and he is so hyper I explained it to him that this is a public transport anybody can ride so he better behave. Even he keeps on talking and he wants to explore everything he is easy to talk with if I said no and stop he follows naman, ayun nga lang when he saw somebody eating corn like din niya. So no choice his Ninang Cynthia is looking for the vendor who is selling corn. 
Fourth challenge: To ride in the jeep, after the party may nasabayan kami up to Carmona, from Carmona we need to ride a jeep to be able to go to Festival Malll. At first he is so excited to ride a jeep, pero nung umandar na ang jeep ayaw na he wants to go down na, His hair and ears ang nirereklamo and the jeep is bouncing daw he means matagtag. After his 10 minutes jeepney ride ayaw na mag jeep uli. “FAILED”

His overall experience is he enjoyed a lot, he is well behave but he doesn’t want to ride the jeep anymore. 

Good thing he also enjoyed the party, no tantrums he met his new friends his Kuya Noah and Ate Miel, he keeps on saying that Ate Miel is pretty.

He reunite with his Ninang Carmel and Ninang Dada, now they know how hyper my son is and takaw. 

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