My Little Kulit loves ball so much, we  started to notice that he loves to play with the balls especially basketball when he was 8 months old. During his birthday most of our guests gifted him ball or the basketball set and he is so happy. As far as I remember he received 5 balls and two set of basketball.
he was at 8months above picture and 1.2 years old at the bottom
his birthday gifts
Afterwards, mama gifted him a basketball set which cost 1k plus which Little Kulit enjoyed it so much it come to a point that the set was already ruined because of over used. 
 And the ball started coming, every week he will asked for a new ball, siguro umabot ng 50 plus or 60 plus ang balls nya some of it pinamigay ko na.
When he become older he started to explore more things, he is not the typical toddler who loves the cars, animals, robots he is just focused in basketball and afterwards he learned to explore the different kinds of game that has a ball from billiards, golf, soccer, baseball, etc name it and he knew it and he asked us to buy one for him. Even my iphone is full of games regarding balls.
Last Saturday we attented a party in Tayuman Manila, after the party we had coffee with my brother and his family at Lucky China Town Mall since hubby is not with me I cannot passed by at 168, imagine super lapit na ako. Of course I could not risk My Little Kulit safety and walked around in 168 mall. Good thing that there is a walkway form Lucky China town mall going to 168 mall sa walk way may mga stalls na din. I asked my dad that we will just go there for a few minutes lang will buy some loot bag for my Little Kulit upcoming birthday next month. At first he was so hesitant I might lost my son daw, but my mom accompanied us. Since I cannot go around talaga and mamili I just bought the simple things lang.
Little Kulit saw Toys R Us in Lucky China Town I told him that we will just go to another store that he can get what ever he wants. Siyempre doon sa mura. And the hunt began when he saw the toys store in one of the stalls he got billiard, ping pong, bowling and a set of ball he is so amazed and shocked that I let him to get all the toys he likes. Eh siyempre mura doon imagine for Php 150.00 I had all of these na eh sa mall Php 100 each of that. And lahat ng toys nay an meron na siya hubby lang niya magpabili. I let him to get what he wants as his reward for his good grades in long quiz and he just finished that day his periodical exam which the teachers told me that he is doing good.
Look how happy he is, the next day when we are at the mall I already told him that he cannot buy a new toy since he bought some na yesterday and he cannot play arcade. Well good boy naman he follow naman.
Toys cost Php 150.00 only
 This is one of the happy moments as a mom that you can give simple things to your son and he looks very happy.
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