Hi Lovely Mommies!  Have you experienced in the middle of your busy day at the office and then you will receive a call from the house that your toddler did something horrible or he had an accident?

Last 2012, around 9am when I received a call that my son had an accident and they need to rush him at the hospital and he had four stitches, you can read more here

Last Monday September 15 in the middle of my busy day, when I received a text from my mom if I can go home early, I thought she was just concern because of the rainy weather and I replied okay. After 10 minutes when my dad is calling me and asking me where I am and if I can go home early and I replied why is there something wrong? My dad told me that my son cut his hair and may bukol daw. I asked how did he cut his hair is it panget? He replied you need to go home now and see it to yourself. Of course I am a mom I know what it means na.

When I got home here what I see, Little Kulit new hair cut, he cut by himself

 Here is the closer look what he did to his hair

I told him come here and let’s talk

Mommy: Why did you do that, do you know that one is bad what if you hurt yourself?

Little Kulit: Kasi my hair is long (while smiling)

Looking at him straight in his eyes

Mommy: Again, why did you do that?

Little Kulit: I want to cut my hair, ginagaya ko daddy

Side kuwento: A day before he cut our bedsheet, tinago ko na lahat ng scissors may nakuha pa rin. Over the weekend, sobra hyper when I said β€œ Sam mauubos na hair ko sayo:, he answered back, No mommy Look oh dami ka pa hair. Grrrr, yun pala hair nya mauubos.

So we cannot do anything with hair and have it cut as skinhead

The next day he is looking for his hair already πŸ™‚

Meet My Little Kulit the Skin Head

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