We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary last September 19 in Cebu. I surprised hubby and Little Kulit with an overnight stay in Cebu; will share it on my next post regarding our trip in the midst of typhoon Maring Mario.
For five years as married couple and for eight years we are together we have a lot of trials in our relationship but those trials make us stronger that is why we are still together and we are still in love with each other. Of course nobody is perfect we may have misunderstanding but we know how to handle it properly.
For five years we have these five years ingredients to live by;
1. Put God in the center of our relationship
2. Don’t let money ruin our marriage
3. We keep our FRIENDSHIP
4. Trust is the best foundation in our marriage
5. Love and Respect to one another
How do we celebrate our Anniversaries?
Our first year anniversary – since I am 36th weeks pregnant by that time we just had a lunch date in MOA, shopping for baby things and dinner with my family
Second Anniversary- simple dinner with the family, since we are busy preparing for Little Kulit’s first birthday
Third Anniversary- we had couple spa and dinner and he gave me a bunch of cupcake
Fourth Anniversary-we don’t celebrate since my dearest Lola died 2 days before our anniversary
Fifth Anniversary- we went to Cebu with our  Little Kulit
And looking forward for our future anniversaries and praying that God will continue to guide us on our marriage.

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