Kids now a days are well exposed to gadgets, there are advantages and disadvantages effect with them, But as a parent we are here to guide them on how to use it properly.
In my experience, Little Kulit learned a lot in Ipad apps and he loves to watch in you tube Disney junior and some learning apps. Thinking what he will feel when he saw himself in a movie in you tube :-). Good thing I received an email with Ms. Maggie if I want to try her service in personalized See-Me Cartoon that features my Little Kulit face and name, of course I said yes 🙂
After sending her the picture of Little Kulit, I received an email for my order and after two days I already received the links where I can view the cartoon
Here is the personalized cartoon of Little Kulit

Maggie Lewis is behind rhe See-Mee; See-Mee was created in 2013 and is a family owned and operated business who takes great pride in providing customers with stellar service.
See-Mee believes in educating children through personalization with our innovative personalized animated series. Created with the help of educational experts to stimulate growing minds, See-Mee gives children a uniquely engaging learning experience. This pleasant series is perfectly suited to preschoolers for several reasons: The bold animation is captivating, the simple narrative is easy to understand, and the interpersonal lessons and learning skills are easy to identify. Moreover, the brief stories are well designed for the attention span of the show’s young viewers.
The use of real-life kids as the stars is sure to excite youngsters and help them relate to the stories, and the series makes a real effort to encourage kids’ learning by incorporating basic skills like counting and creative expression through play.
My Little Kulit enjoyed the cartoon so much, he is so amazed that he saw his face in you tube. Each episode is a five minutes duration which introduce the basic concepts ranging from color and shape recognition, which also has bright colors and animal characters that kids will love.
See-Me website

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