What a day????
We have a long weekend birthday celebration of our Little Kulit last week ๐Ÿ™‚ which is super tiring but happy.
Since that I am on leave last Friday, I need to be early at the office my usual routine is to have a coffee in my table, while checking in my email at the same time drinking my coffee while making chika with girlfriends ayun natapon coffee all over my pants and shoes. Grabe sa lagkit, for the whole day I decided to stay on my desk na lang since I look messy and worked for the whole day.
Around 10pm when I checked my blog and itโ€™s hacked, I restart my laptop and tried to open it again but still the same prompt itโ€™s still hacked. I immediately contacted my hosting provider and asked them to check it and itโ€™s confirmed itโ€™s hacked/
The next day nagawa na but unfortunately all comments on my last two posts were gone :-(, itโ€™s okay at least they were able to restore my site.
I have to stay at the office till 830pm, ako na lang naiwan sa office.
Now naman I cannot find my Ipad charger and itโ€™s already dead I need to get some pictures pa naman.
Crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be okay.
Let me share a birthday letter for My Little Kulit ๐Ÿ™‚
Sam 4th birthday
My Dearest Kulit,
Itโ€™s been four years since you came to our lives and in that four years you bring us happiness, full of love and joy and a lot of craziness. It seems like yesterday that we celebrated your first birthday and I am the one who is excited but it turned out that you are more excited than all of us because you started walking on your party when you saw a lot of kids walking and running. And now you are my little Kulit my best friend. It seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital and we are nervous of being a first time parents but with the help of your Lola and Lolo we are able to manage it.
The day that I learned that I am going to be a mommy; I know that will be forever and itโ€™s a big responsibility. But today after four years and looking back I cannot help but smile and cry. Itโ€™s a feeling of fulfillment and happiness and I have a long long long way to go to be a great mother. But I know in my own little ways I am a good mother and I raised you well.
Now that you are four and a preschooler, you started to have tantrums ,naughty actions, the mess you made and sometimes you put me in difficult situations and you really stressed me out as in to the next level anak. But I have to accept that is part of your growing years and as a parent I must learn how to discipline you.
I just wish that God will continue to shower you blessings and that you will be always in good health. We want you to be a successful and be a good person and we will support you all the way up, and we will guide you when you are down.
We love you so much baby, My Litte Kulit, My Little basketball player and My Little Ninja.

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