It’s my first time to agree or join in any challenge, I am so lazy in joining :-). This is one of my list in my bucket list that I have to accept challenge.
I’ve just accepted the 7 day challenge of Jergens, which I think I will love it and will definitely enjoy it. Since I grew up with the scent of Jergens which my mom is using it.
Here is my welcome kit
Come and join me in my 7 day challenge
Today is the start of  my first mission so let me share you with you lovely mommies what happened in my first mission;
MISSION 1- Radiate Beauty from Within
I received my first mission via text and email, since I am on my mommy duties for two days now, I don’t know how I can squeeze my time to do it. But since this is a challenge for me I have to do it 🙂
My mission is ” Take a bottle of Jergens from your welcome pack and share it with a complete stranger. Tell us why you chose that person and share with us her reaction when she received your gift, and post a photo of her with her Jergens bottle.”
Around 330pm when My Little Kulit is asking me to buy a Ninja Turtles CD, so we went to BF ruins and I grabbed the bottle of Jergens thinking that there will be a lot of strangers in that place.
I share the Jergens bottle to this lady, her name is Ajannah Latip and she is one of the stall owner in Bf ruins. I decided to share the bottle with her since she is always smiling, kind and approachable with us the whole time my little kulit is looking for a CD’, take note as in ginulo ng baby ko ang mga displays.
Jergens mission 1
Thank you Ajannah for supporting my mission 🙂
TIP OF THE DAY: Have the confidence to approach anyone with your stunningly beautiful skin! Apply Jergens before embarking on this mission to achieve that instant glow.
Mission 1- DONE
Apply the new Jergens only on your left arm and leave the right arm bare for the meantime. Take a photo of both arms, comparing the two and tell us your observations
After my long day last Saturday bringing my Little Kulit in his school for his exam and went to Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party in Ortigas I deserve a long bath , then I applied the Jergens Aloe lotion. I have a sensitive skin, the lotion is not that sticky with a good smell and it’s refreshing and you can notice the glow.
Dryness prevents light from reflecting off of your skin, making it look dull and dark. Jergens, with its new Hydralucence blend, instantly moisturizes skin and keeps it hydrated, giving you that fresh just-got-out-of-the-shower look throughout the day.
MISSION 3: Keep Hydrated
Water is good for your body and helps keep your skin healthy and looking young as well.
Drink only water for today using your Jergens tumbler. Post photos with a time stamp every time you do a refill.
I started my day with water and my take out breakfast from MCDO
Around 9am I refilled my tumbler in the middle of my work, since I had a long day because of my two days leave.
Before lunch I had another refill of water
Around 2pm I had another refill with MCDO delivery.
Before heading home I refilled it again, I also had water for my dinner and before I go to sleep. I was not able to took a picture since My Little Kulit is always with me the whole night.
PicMonkey Collage
TIP OF THE DAY: Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled. Drinking plenty of water regularly keeps your skin refreshed and hydrated. You can also help lock moisture into your skin by using your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet
MISSION 4: Nurture Relationships
Something’s in the mail! Keeping healthy relationships go a long way to making you feel good and look good. Take your mom or your best gal pal out for a surprise lunch or dinner tonight with this gift certificate from Cabalen, on us 🙂
Because of the miscommunication with our maid who received my GC’s and my husband has been hospitalized  the challenge is delayed.
It’s better late than never 🙂 I had dinner with my best pals my dad, my mom and my Little Kulit. Because I had a stressful week I decided to have a break for a little while and had dinner with them. This is also the time that mom and I bond, I must admit during my teenage days we are not that too close but when I gave birth and I become a mom, I become a daughter also. It’s time for me to realize how my mom is important to me. She loves me unconditionally 🙂
TIP OF THE DAY: As you nurture your relationships, nourish your skin as well for a beauty that radiates inside and out. Apply your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet.

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