Being a full time mommy is one of the things that I seldom do since I’m working. During my working days I can fulfill my mommy duties when I got home.
Last week from Thursday to Sunday I become a full time mommy since my parents went to Korea for a vacation. It’s a tiring week for me but happy and fulfilling. Now I would say that I really salute mommies who are full time housewife and mommy, hindi siya biro ha walang katapusan na work.
Let me share with you how’s my week passed as a full time mommy 🙂
Thursday- woke up at 3am to say good bye to my parents. At 6am need to prepare some stuff for hubby who is going to work at 7am. 830am we need to prepare for Litte Kulit school he will be having an exam for 3 days.
Pagdating sa school I need to ask his teachers what kind of Indian costume he needs for his UN, I showed her some pictures and she pointed the white one yung national costume daw, OMG san ako maghahanap nun. We went to SM BF after his exam no available. I asked hubby if he can take a look in SM Muntinlupa since it’s near from his work wala din daw. We went to Alabang Town Center zero pa din, I almost gave up na and the last stop will be SM Southmall, we found one sa Toy Kingdom last piece but it’s not the white one yung brown ang available. I called his teacher and told them that I am having a hard time and this is the only one we can get so they agreed.
So eto naman ang sunod na dilemma, since Little Kulit nap time na he is having his tantrums na he doesn’t want to fit the costume kasi he is looking for the fitting room. What we can do there is no fitting room in the Toy Kingdom, as in mahabang bolahan. Come to think of it that I pretended na pregnant ko to assist us the whole time we were there. I need to buy more to get a ticket for Nickledeon Halloween party so I let him to choose his new toy. Before heading home he insist pa na we should passed by sa SM Prestige for his ice tea kung hindi ka ba naman maloka.
Evening he needs to study, after his worksheet I let him play, after dinner I put him into sleep.
Friday- we need to be at school by 930am, after his exam we went to grocery. We had lunch at home and I put him into sleep. My plan is to leave him for a while and to have my me time, but unfortunately hindi nangyari when I am supposed to leave nagising so sinama ko na. After we bought his CD at bf ruins, I had my pedicure he is quiet naman while playing and he even choose my nail polish.
Saturday- it’s last day of his exam, kung kalian last day he is having tantrums and looking for his Lolo ayaw mag exam. Anyway nakapag exam pa din after we made a deal that I’m going to buy him fries after his exam. We need to be at home before 11am and we need to leave by 12 to 1230 since we are going to attend the Mommy Blogger Philippines Halloween Party in Ortigas.
From 2pm to 7pm we are in Ortigas. Around 9pm we are already home, but he is still hyper and ready to rumble.
Sunday- I was supposed to attend an event at MOA but since I am already tired and Little Kulit needs to rest na since it will be there foundation week and UN celebration the next day. And we still need to do his pom-poms for their cheering. And of course Lola and Lolo will be home na.
I ended my week by watching “Moms Night Out” which is a good movie story behind a full time mommy with 3 kids and a blogger who just want to have one night for herself,
I don’t have regrets to be a full time mommy with Little Kulit for four days. In four days we became closer and we really strengthen our relationship. I was able to show him how much I love him that I can sacrifice my work for his own good.

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