It’s my first time to attend a blogger event with my two boys, last October 18 we attended the first Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party at Big Red Barn Fun Ranch Ortigas.
The event was organized by Mommy Bloggers Philippines, we are so thankful to all mommies who organized this event which is hit to all the kids and mommies.
The event would start at 2pm but the registration will start at 1pm we arrived around 215pm since I am not familiar with the place.
Upon registration, mommy organized handed us our raffle tickets, food stubs, loots and Krispy Kreme donuts. Since my two boys is not with me during the registration because they are looking for the place where we can sit. The area is full by that time.
I was not able take a lot photos since My Little Kulit is running all the time, he is so excited to see all the kids who is also in costume.
MBP booths are Fly Ace Corporation where you can taste some of their food samples, ZAP where you can register for free and have some loot bags for the kids, Cream Factory all their products smells good and lucky I won one set during the raffle, Maya hot cake, Lemon square,Pixtar Photo Booth, Absolute, Nestea, Sunkits, Sanfluou, Bonakid
MBP sponsors Fun Ranch, Joyceskis Biz Faithshoppe, Bebeng’s Kitchen, Leigh Treats, Rebisco Frootees, Kinder Zoo, Mind Museum, Toy Kingdim, Photomark, The Good Box, Romance Breads, Hobbes and Landes (sorry if I forgot someone)
And the program begins with an opening remark of Mommy Lani the founder of MBP, special number of her daughter and the parade of the kids. They are divided into four groups The Fantasy, The Superheroes, The Scary and The Animals and Other; My Little Kulit falls on the last group :-), his costume is Red Ninja but he insist that he is one of the Ninja Turtles 🙂


Photo from Michelle Martinez

From raffles, product demo, two special numbers from Mommy Louisa and Mommy Michelle daughters, games, awarding of best costume and the trick or treat is all hits with the kids. There is no dull moment during our stay.
My Little Kulit loves his loots from his treat or trick
The program ended with a group picture of all the mommies 🙂

Photo from Mommy Glaiza


Photo from Michelle Martinez

After the party we stayed for a while for Little Kulit’s ride all you can.
Till the next event Lovely Mommies

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